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At Pala Pizza we care about pizza just as much as you do.

It's a minimum of 48hrs before our dough gets to the deck oven. That might seem extreme, but what does it actually mean?

Roman pan crust pizza is mostly made using a high water content. Produced over a long period of time using steps of 'bulking' & folding, creating air & extensibility in the gluten of the flour, then hand shaped before baking.

We use a high protein & long fermentable type 1 flour from Molina Laquone in Italy, stoneground whole grains & semolina from Ballymore Organics in Eustace, Kildare to make the dough. Unlike Neapolitan pizza dough our dough has a percentage of wholegrain bran retained which we believe gives an extra dimension of flavour.

Along with care & minimal intervention to look after those precious air pockets, the dough is highly digestible & mature in flavour as a direct consequence of long fermentation & good grain.

It's that simple.

Locality is everything

It's also about what's on the pizza that counts

We do our upmost to champion Irish suppliers around the country, so you might see the odd name drop on our menu. We work with Donabate Dexter who provide us with rare breed beef which we use to cure ourselves or make slow cooked ragu to fill our focaccias & top our pizzas.


We also work with Irish veg growers, so places like Ballymakenny or iona farm might feature on the menu from time to time and we rotate slice toppings with the seasons. Traceability is important to us, we like to know where ingredients come from & in turn so can you.

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