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WE have a dedicated all out catering and pizza building section on our ordering platform, for birthdays, pizza parties, family gatherings, nights in.. you name it! you can choose a slot for collection or delivery the very same way as ordering our take out pizza.

for parties over 20 people we advise you to email us here:

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pizza parties

who doesn't love pizza parties?? it's the same dough bulked over 2 days using the best irish organic flours and par baked for you to play around with in your own oven. get the kid's involved or host a pizza party with family and friends. there's no shortcuts in production. it's just another way to enjoy pala pizza at home! each order will come with dedicated instructions to get you the best pizza possible.

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huge topping options!

you can create your own bespoke boxes with a variety of toppings all the way down to the sauce. we are going big on choice!

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cook at home catering

there's a variety of dishes to choose from on the ordering platform, including tray bakes and homemade desserts. detailed instructions are provided for all the cook at home dishes to get you the best results.

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